Raanan Adin

Founder & Co-Chairman

CEO, AH – Water; Hydroponics; Renewable energy; Innovation

Chairman and President, Israel Water Association (IsWA)

Adin Holdings

Raanan Adin is a strategic advisor to public and private organizations worldwide in Water Resource Management and Water Security in urban and rural regions;
As a technology expert, he consults to investors, entrepreneurs, innovators and funds;
Raanan is an invited keynote speaker on holistic water management, innovation and cyber resilience of water infrastructure, presenting his unique view on water challenges and solutions.
Adin has been involved in the organization of numerous conferences and exhibitions, including CleanTech (Mashov Group, Israel), iWater (Fira Barcelona, Spain) Watec (Kenes, Israel), Envitrotech Asia (Radeecal, India) and Resilient Cities (AH, Israel).
Raanan has over 30 years of experience in executive, managerial and technological positions in global hi-tech, defense and environment, co-authoring seven patents, chairing Israel Water Association, mentoring students and judging youth water innovation competitions.
Raanan Adin graduated from the prestigious IDF Talpiot academic program and holds a B.Sc with distinction in physics, mathematics and computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.