Welcome Letter from the WAFOS Chairmen

Dear Colleagues,

Decision makers and specialists will meet in Dubai to address two of humanity’s greatest challenges:

It will be the first in-person event of its kind – the real conference and exhibition we have all been waiting for.
Finally, we will be able to enjoy in-person learning together, compliment speakers after inspiring lectures, reunite with remote colleagues during the coffee breaks and meet new friends who share common interests at receptions and gala.

In WAFOS we will discuss real needs and practical solutions to water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse,
the complex relationship between policy and technology and the impact of the digital era on water management and control. 
In regards to achieving food security, we will discuss solutions for increasing crop yield and quality in challenging soil and environmental conditions, elaborate on the pros and cons of urban farming and present best practices in greenhouses and hydroponics.

Leading planners and architects will meet technology and solution providers.
Policymakers will see the developments that impact regulations.
Researchers will sense the gaps that science needs to address.
Educators, consultants, NGOs, and others will have a chance to touch the frontiers of knowledge.
Institutions and organizations will gain skills in WAFOS  for improving the operation and maintenance of systems and facilities.

Whether you want your products or services to reach key decision makers, or you are a decision maker yourself looking for first-hand access to the latest innovations, this event is for you.

Sincerely Yours

Raanan Adin

Founder & Co – Chairman

CEO, AH water consulting

Roy Peleg

Co – Chairman

CEO & Founder, Growing Smart